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Hey everyone REGISTER NOW -------->                   Thank you for visiting FUELEDmag. Where we show you what's going on from Car shows-Meets, RealTimeAttack Drifting, Drag etc. Stop by register and join the family ^_^  HERE ARE SOME  EVENTS  

FUELEDmag Issue 5 is here!

This issue took a little longer to put out but its finally here guys. Check out all the events we here at FUELEDmag have went to during the 2014 year and all the east coast events from time attacks, drifting, race events, car shows and much more! Special thanks to writer Danny Choy for helping make this issue be possible. please remember to share this Magazine on Facebook , twitter, and instagram.

Check us out as FUELEDmag run the 2014 BULLRUN with our sponsor shop Petrolwerks as well as link up with our car enthusiasts family in some rally fun! 

This 1960's Chevy Cheetah was one of my favorite cars I ran into in the year 2014. During an charity event at the refuge restaurant in long island. Since I had no Idea what it was at first I instantly fell in love with its body lines and aggressive look that seems to be now lacking (in my opinion of course) in many sports cars today. Great to have been able to capture a few images before it was gone.

The Refuge  
we love good food and amazing cars. So what better then to have them come together. Especially if its for charity and for a better cause. 

Congrats to Exotics legends as well as L.I Exotics Club for coming together and hosting this great event. Beautiful cars like the famous TeamSalamone chrome rally Aventador, to some rare cars like this  Koenigsegg ccxrs

The beautiful Sierra James joined us for a photoshoot at Petrolwerks for Schwaafilms Blue Phenomenal Vinyl wrapped Greddy wide body 350z. We had an awesome time and Sierra is not only a sight for soar eyes but she is a great sport and is amazing to work with. We are excited about Schwaafilms video that was shot during this shoot. Petrolwerks Performance was the location of not only this shoot but the build of this Z33. 

We have been featured on's website head on over and check them out. lets support those who support us here at FUELEDmag its great to see fellow Car Enthusiasts like this come together lets keep it going and stay FUELED!

Have Instagram well so do we come on by and follow us and show us your cars or car related events or even if you spot an awesome find make sure and tag us with #fueledmag and @fueledmag and we will like and comment on it. Check out all the craziness we get ourselves into see you all there.

Thank you to Gilbert and the Gilbert Rivera Pavillion for this awesome cancer fund raiser car show here in Brooklyn NYC. Here we have the famous Bryan Salamone instagraming his footwear on Gilberts Lambo during the show. Epic days awesome times.

Yes this is the beautiful Jeri Lee at this year TunerEvolution meet swarmed by fan boys trying to get an autographed poster and a photo with this car model diva. 

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Alex keeps growing and growing. We are happy to see one of our own out there doing what he loves to do. Alex Flores started off with a modded Acura RSX and now drives a Silvia front converted 240sx powered by an LS corvette motor built at Petrolwerks. Here is Alex Drifting the first turn at a Ready Set Drift event in the Poconos. Way to go Alex keep up the good work more coming soon. 

I'm a big fan of DriftMonkey and lucky for me they have accepted me into the DF Family as one of their "Monkeys" lol Just kidding... For awesome videos check them out here and keep it sideways ;) Don't forget to check out their drift apparel and much more!!!

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FUELEDmag issue #5

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