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YOSOLO racing.... LIFE as a TUNER

     At first glance you would not believe Eric Medina of Puerto Rico also known as "YOSOLO RACING" standing at 6 foot 3 inches would fit in an Honda civic chassis. But He can. Not only can He race down the 1/4 mile shifting thru gears making people think He has a P.P.G gearbox. Eric is one bad ass tuner on K-series engines. But He's not stopping there, He also tune's and builds Evo's like the new Evo X at the shop. Which is getting a fully built JUN motor from Japan and much much more. Eric  tune's for performance, He builds engines for power and also builds car for customers who want to do show as well. If to be tuned and modified, for show or for speed is what your looking for. YOSOLO has you covered. 


 The name "YOSOLO" came from " A night of heavy drinking " as Eric told us Believe it or not. After knocking back a few cold ones Eric and his friends were one day joking about the fact that Eric is always working alone. Thus the name "mecanico solo"(alone mechanic) was born. Soon the name began to change and became YOSOLO which mean "Me alone" and has remained the same since.  

 Inspired by many Japanese movies like Initial D and Midnight auto as well as many drifting video's from options and best motoring Eric always wanted to have something Asian influenced on his racing name. This is where the sword comes into the design of his logo. Eric has always been a big fan of their horror movies and kung-fu flicks and tells us he has a hugh collection of them. In fact He plans on visiting Japan in the near future as it is becoming the Mecca for all us tuner heads, a must visit before dying. For now Eric is planning to take a trip to Puerto Rico for the first time as YOSOLO to race. Its an exciting as well as emotional experience for him as this is his homeland where he was raised, and can't wait to represent for his family on the island.     

Eric's family were known for all their rear wheel drive cars like the Mazda's and Toyota's in Puerto rico.  When they found out Eric decided to go with a front wheel drive platform everyone laughed. Obviously they did not see the potential in the Jap cars like Eric did but that did not stop Eric from continuing ahead with his plans. He is now being called one of the K-series kings and has earned the nickname "papa K" from his followers. 

 Eric has tuned and worked with companies such as MB racing/CHR performance/BYT/J&R Racing/Certified Racing/ Rated R Racing/JR auto sports/Tubaso Racing as well as Cesar "the champ", As well as with an extensive track record which could be found all over you tube. Its no wonder people choose Eric for their projects.

We asked Eric that out of all the cars built in the world which would be the car He would want to owe. He simply respond "The mines GTR". Its been a favorite car of his for a long time and he has dreamed of seeing it race in person. Also the Top Secret supra is one of his favorites. He also said that his favorite driver/drifter is the mighty Tarzan. " That dude is crazy haha" says Eric. We believe that if Eric continues to build and tune cars the way he has been doing that not only would fans want to own YOSOLO's EG which we wouldn't be surprised thats the case right now, but Eric Medina will also be a on a poster on a wall of a next generations car lovers and tuner head. We also ask Eric where he see himself in seven year. Eric responded " To be known.. all over the world".


 Visit YOSOLO at his MYSPACE at




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